$210.00 $320.00
By Sinobi

The story of the Round Khaki begins in Ukraine, where the deadstock leather is initially sourced. When sourcing materials, Sinobi always prioritizes low impact, constantly seeking to improve the standards of how shoes can be made. The ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) collected is mostly recycled from hygienic and lightweight elastic materials. The rubber is a natural rubber that is sustainably sourced from trees without cutting down and destroying the natural environment. Sinobi is on a mission to spread sustainable living throughout Ukraine, by encouraging conscious consumption and design longevity. Following sourcing, the bulk of Sinobi's materials are gathered in Ukraine where the shoes are assembled. Once the shoes are completed, they are packaged in 100% recyclable material, and transported to a shipment center headed straight to you. Sinobi is the first Ukrainian fashion company to become a part of the DHL Go-Green program, easing the impact of transportation. These shoes have lived in 1 country, traveled hundreds of miles, and provided a second life to discarded materials, to earn a permanent spot in your wardrobe. We hope you love these shoes and wear them with pride, knowing that you are embodying fashion and choosing to better the planet with your conscious shopping choice.