The story of the Black Pants begins in North of Uruguay, where the wool is initially sourced from the Estancia La Magdalena farm. Estancia La Magdalen is a family owned farm and one of the most emblematic farms in Uruguay due it’s history, size and productivity. It has outstanding practices on animal welfare, land management and CSR. Once the wool is sourced, it is sent to Lanas Trinidad, the main producer and exporter of combed wool tops in Uruguay. There the greasy wool is washed, classified, dried and ready to be combed into wool clothing. Next, the wool is sent to the Schoeller Spinning Group in Italy where they dye, wash and spin the wool. Rhea Store works with Schoeller as they are at the forefront of environmental innovations, such as environmental friendly dyes and chemical free treatments to prolong the life cycle of the knitwear. The wool is dyed in line with the 'bluesign' certification. This certificates textiles low on harmful substances, environmentally-friendly production processes. The pants are then formed at Garlita, a family owned knitted garment manufacturer in Lithuania. This is the most labor intensive part of producing the dress. Rhea Store prioritizes working conditions, focusing on a strong relationship and regular visits to ensure the ethical side of the production process. Once the pants are completed they are packaged in a recycled carton box and sent to a shipment center, heading straight to you. These pants have lived in 3 countries, traveled thousands of miles, and given life to discarded materials to earn a permanent spot in your wardrobe. We have you love these pants and wear them with pride, knowing you are embodying sustainable fashion and choosing to better the planet with your conscious shopping choices.