By Oddli
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The *Make Your Own* Deadstock Tank’s story begins in Los Angeles, California. Every piece of fabric is chosen by Ellie Chen and Jensen Neff, the co-founders of Oddli Clothing, who carefully select deadstock fabric typically destined for the landfill. When sourcing material, Ellie and Jensen prioritize utilizing deadstock fabric, as there is 14 million tons of textile waste generated a day. Once the material is sourced, it is transported to Oddli's manufacturer in Downtown, Los Angeles where the production process begins. Oddli's manufacturer saves the excess scraps from the production of Oddli dresses. The letters on each top are made from those scraps after being laser cut into the shape of each letter. Through local material sourcing, local manufacturing, and welcoming the concept of slow fashion, Oddli minimizes their impact while directly combating waste by producing this tank. With every handmade tank, Ellie and Jensen have complete oversight of the entire production process. Once your tank is completed it is packaged in boxes made from recycled material, dropped off at a shipment center, and transported straight to you. This tank has lived in 2 countries, given new life to a discarded piece of fabric, and traveled hundreds of miles to earn a permanent spot in your wardrobe. We hope you love this tank and wear it with pride, knowing that you embody fashion and choose to better the planet with your conscious shopping choice.