The Asymmetrical Patchwork Tee’s story begins in New York, where the deadstock material is initially sourced. Every piece of fabric used is carefully selected by brand founder, Mila Sullivan, who carefully sifts through deadstock from big thrift and vintage warehouses. When sourcing materials, Mila prioritizes waste reduction, always gravitating towards natural fibers over synthetic, polyester-based materials. Once the material is sourced, it is transported to Mila’s studio in Brooklyn where the deconstructing, reinterpreting, and repurposing begins. Throughout the production process, every tee is handmade by Mila, meaning each piece is truly one of a kind and unable to be replicated or mass-produced. By creating one-of-a-kind items and collecting any scraps or trims, Mila directly combats waste while producing this tee. Once your dress is completed, it is minimally packaged, dropped off at a shipment center, and transported straight to you. This tee has lived in 1 country, given new life to a discarded fabric, and traveled hundreds of miles to earn a permanent spot in your wardrobe. We hope you love this tee and wear it with pride, knowing that you are embodying fashion and choosing to better the planet with your conscious shopping choice.