1969 SERPE

By Virón
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The 1968 Neon Fog’s story begins in Europe, where the recycled materials are initially sourced. When sourcing materials, Virón always prioritizes low impact, constantly seeking to improve the standards of how shoes can be made. The shoes are majority made of recycled materials collected within the EU, however, virgin materials are introduced to ensure durability. Virón is on a mission to constantly make the best shoe available on the market today. Following sourcing and creation, the bulk of Virón's materials are sent to Portugal where the shoes are assembled. Once the shoes are completed, they are packaged in 100% recyclable material, and transported to a shipment center headed straight to you. These shoes have lived in 2 countries, traveled hundreds of miles, and provided a second life to discarded materials, to earn a permanent spot in your wardrobe. We hope you love these shoes and wear them with pride, knowing that you are embodying fashion and choosing to better the planet with your conscious shopping choice.